At Reflex Archival Scanning, we provide everything you need to transfer your video archives. We take as much care with video as we do with film.

While the oldest film is viewable with just light and a lens, video playback equipment for formats popular as recently as the 1970’s may be tough to find. Unless you know what’s on the video materials in your archive, it may be difficult to know their value, or to generate revenue from them.


And time and handling are unkind to video in other ways. Some tapes have torn in their cassettes or come loose from their hubs. And, because videotape is essentially metal oxide bound to a plastic substrate, the binder can fail and its adhesion can deteriorate to the point where the image may be un-viewable or severely degraded.

Typically, the problems get worse. But even videos that have been properly stored and well maintained lose quality with use.

Because the oxide directly contacts the playback head during viewing, each pass adds a small amount of degradation. Digital conversion requires playback, and so the scanning should be done once, carefully, to the highest standards of quality, and in a way to produce the materials you need for longer-term storage, as well as for access purposes.

We inspect the tapes for breaks, tears and proper hub attachment – and make the necessary repairs. For tapes with binder issues, we have a process for changing the hydrolysis of the oxide, to allow it to rebind with the tape substrate and enable us to get a superior scan.

Each tape format uses its own player from which the analog signals are captured and run through a time-base corrector and processing amplifiers to reproduce the images fully and faithfully – and without artifacts. And all work is done in a clean environment with documented and regulated security procedures.

We’ll return an AVI or Quicktime file on a hard drive for archival storage. And we’ll provide access and redundant archival copies on all forms of external media, including JVC archival quality DVD-R’s or Blu-ray discs.


We can work with video originals in nearly any format including:

  • 8mm Video
  • Hi-8 Video
  • VHS
  • VHS-C
  • ¾ U-matic
  • 1-inch Type C
  • Betamax
  • BetaCam
  • BetaSP
  • Mini-DV
  • Digibeta
  • DVcam
  • HDcam
  • DVC-Pro
  • DVD
  • Blu-Ray