What are Reflex clients saying….?

On Superior Technology:

Reed Bovee, a specialist in his field, is nothing less than spectacular to work with. Completely professional and always willing to go the extra mile in whatever project he is involved with, I would recommend him and his staff to anyone. His state of the art equipment is unique, just like him, created by the man himself. I have been extremely impressed by his work and attitude and will always prioritize Reflex Technologies for our needs.

Joe Travers

Vaultmeister for the Frank Zappa Family Trust

Made it home last night, and the hard drive, and my favorite new T-Shirt beat me to the door. The scans look really good. Also, I was telling a friend about your amazing system and he may have some shrunken/damaged stuff that can’t be handled elsewhere. I look forward to staying in touch. All the best,

Bill Kinder

Disney – Pixar

Chief Paleontologist Bill Parker and I were BLOWN AWAY by the quality of Reflex Technologies’ digital transfer of the film A Whopping Small Dinosaur! We hadn’t even imagined it was possible to bring this film back to this level of quality.

The Blu-ray of the film looks, plays, and sounds one thousand times better than the VHS tape we had been using. The resolution, color and contrast are way, way better, too. Again, WOW! Reflex Technologies did Great Work!!!

Richard Ullmann

Chief of Interpretation & Education
Petrified Forest National Park

Just watched the video, amazing. I can’t get over how much brighter some of the scenes were. You could barely see anything in the film itself, but in your scan it really did come to life. The focus is crisp and the scenes are super sharp. I really can’t say enough about you and your staff’s fine work on being able to rescue this film.

Chris Garmire

California State Archives

In a world of possibilities, I am so grateful that Eric Davis and I discovered you. Coming to know Reflex and the remarkably innovative work you do has been a joyful revelation. With your unique transferring equipment, you were able to save precious footage of many Broadway shows back to the 1930’s, footage that other labs could not handle. There is no way to thank you adequately.

Miles Kreuger

President, The Institute of the American Musical, Inc.

Yes, that film was quite memorable. The transfer I received is a true testament to the quality of the machines you have. Also, your company was the only one which I have found to have the equipment and staff to do the job the way I believe it should be done – paying attention to the stability of the film itself.

Christopher Lawing

Film Archivist

I just received the two packages. The footage looks amazing. Thanks a million for getting it back to me so quickly!

Marya Pillifant

Anchorage Museum of Art, Culture and Heritage

Thank you so much for transferring my Dad’s film, which I will forever treasure. Hearing his voice was awesome! Everyone thought that he looked like actor Jack Palance in his younger days. God bless you for your wonderful work.

Ursula Mazzarelli

Private Collector

Until the Reflex scanner came along, we had to apologize for the transfers we had: “…this is the best we can do..” The Reflex scanner changed that to where we can say: “…this is absolutely the best there is..” And Reflex Technologies is more than willing to work with the little guys and you’ve made your business very archive-friendly.

Dirk Tordoff

Film Archivist, University of Alaska, Fairbanks

On Personalized Service:

Well done! Many, many thanks for your thoughtful and exacting work on this project. It has been a pleasure working with you, and I will recommend your services to others with similar projects.

Jane Bryant

Cultural Anthropologist, Denali National Park & Preserve

You did wonderful work with these old films – beyond the scanning. I especially appreciate you getting the sequences the way I wanted. It’s hard frustrating work – thank you for doing it so carefully.

Michael Van Zee

Private Collector

I had 19,000 feet of 16 mm film shot in the 1970’s. I sent 100-foot rolls to be sampled by various labs around the US, and found that Reflex Technologies was the best quality.

Reflex Technologies, transferred the films to compressed and uncompressed digital formats in tremendous quality and at a fair price. My wife and I are totally impressed with the result. Reflex Technologies did what they said they would do when they said they would do it! The personal attention that I received was above and beyond. I highly recommend Reflex to do film and video transfer.

Chuck Wirschem

Sky Trekking Films

On Quality & Performance:

After listening to over 70 years of reminiscences of this period from my dear Uncle Einer, the disks you forwarded are emotionally exquisite (typing through tears of appreciation) Thank you Reflex!

William Busch

Private Collector

Just got the two packages. The detail in the resolution is remarkable! Thanks for all of your help and I will definitely pass the word to the other archivists I know. Hopefully, I will uncover more film and we can work together again.

David McAllister

Film Archivist

My films have never looked better and thanks to your efforts they will now be accessible for many years to come. Thanks again for helping us transition into the digital age!

William Bacon III

William Bacon Productions

The footage is beautiful – an incredible addition to our archives. We are really happy with your work. THANKS!

Lauren Adams

General Manager, Unalaska Community Broadcasting